What about SEO When You Changing the Domain Name

Okay, you have got everything set up. Your website is running perfectly with good content, design, access speed; everything is perfect. Until one day, you realize that your domain names are not the one you actually want, and you want to replace them. But, changing the domain name is not as easy as it seems. Since it is the address of your website, what happens with your visitors if you replace it into something they don’t know? Or worst, what if your website visitors come from search engines? How does the Search Engine Optimization do once you change domain’s name?

Simple SEO Tricks for Changing Domain Names

We will learn to move the contents of your old domain to new domain, and direct SEO to refer to new domain. This method is reserved for those who have professional domain or group. Moreover, if you want to move your personal domain safely, you can also try it.
1. Prepare two domains
The first step to do is prepare your old domain and your new domain. In this stage, preparing does not mean just making it, but also publishes it, so later it will facilitate the process of transferring and replacing SEO.

2. Backup your old content and sitemap
Sitemaps will be very useful for forming the structure of your new domain to fit old domain. This technique is not really necessary if you want to create new structure or even replace some parts of old structure. After the structure is complete, now import your old content into a new domain. At this stage, you will begin to appreciate the existence of domain structure because these content can refer to structure that has been created.

3. Make referral links
Mask all sorts of content on your old domain with a web page that states your website has moved to a new domain. In this way, your old visitors will be able to go directly to your new domain.

4. Register your new domain
After all things related to domain have been resolved, now you can take care of all things related to SEO. The first thing you must do is register new domain to various search engines. However, make sure the search engine understands that this new domain is a change from your old domain. All search engines have a referral option that you can use in this case.

After you have finished registering your new domain, the search engine will verify the structure of new domain, by referring to your old one. List the sitemap that has been made previously for a faster verification process. After the search engine has finished verifying, the search engine will give you new website index. You can directly test it by searching for your new domain on the search engine.
If everything is fine, you can delete your old domain or change it into whatever you want. This simple way can be ensured that you will keep the new domain position in the desired search engine.

What the Best Hosting Specification for Small Business?

Small business will reap many benefits if it is establishing its own website. Business website is a chance to promote your products more effectively without paying significant cost. It is an opportunity to reach your target audience and enabling easier payment. Your website also provides chance to do market research based on your site’s statistics. If your business is a small scale one, you do not need to go all out when creating its website. It is better if you can save some money in this matter. You need to fulfill basic hosting specs needs, though.

What is the Hosting Specifications Suitable for Small Business?

In addition to reaching out to your market, small business server can provide intranet to connect your employees. It will make your company works more efficiently since chain of information is more fluid. Here are some aspects of hosting specifications that should be thought about when built for small business.

1. Server Types
There are various types of servers offered in the market. Dedicated server will be the best choice out of bunch since it gives you unmatched performance. However, if your budget is tight, you can consider cloud server and hybrid server. They may not perform as well as dedicated server, but they surely are more affordable.

2. Processor Type
You do not want your customers and employees to experience lag when accessing your small business’s server. If you expect your website to receive high traffic, then you must invest on fast processing unit. You should also choose processor with higher cache memory because it will enhance your processor’s speed.

3. Operating System of the Server
The operating system does not only determine the types of software can be applied to your server. It also supports the tasks that your hardware is capable of. The security and stability of your server is also determined by OS that you are using. In addition to that, it also influences Cloud access and ease of migration.

4. Storage Space
If you are running a small business with specific products and target customers, you may not need to provide big storage space. It is different if you are running big e-commerce website that caters to millions of buyers. However, you must take into account the projection of your business growth. If your business is expected to grow in several years, add extra space to prepare for that.

5. RAM Space
To ensure that your server is still performing well despite experiencing high traffic, you must provide adequate RAM space. The standard size for business runs between 32GB to impressive 2TB. If your site is only going to cater to specific audience, you may not need to invest on big RAM space.

6. Ability for Upgrading
When you are developing your own server, you should consider its ability to be upgraded. Your business may start as small today, but it can grow big in later years. With that, your server should grow along too. You should prepare to enhance OS, storage and RAM space, as well as processing unit being used for your server.

Conventional HDD or SSD?

Computer technology always has something new to fulfill market’s demand. Besides processor, storage is one part that receives advanced development. At store, you will see the laptop uses two types of storage, HDD and SSD. HDD is hard disk drive as conventional drive to store data and files. It has been around since 1950s. Moreover, SSD is solid state drive as new storage for computer that emerged in late 1970s. You might say that SSD is not new tech, but recent development brings more reliable SSD to the market that shifts laptop and computer production.

Comparison between HDD and SSD

Both have one purpose, which is storage for laptop. Before going further, you need to know both mechanism as it helps to understand the differences. To put in simple explanation, HDD uses spinning disk and platter to do write and read process. When you open it, there is disk similar to CD and DVD. In fact, similar principle is applied in HDD. You can say that HDD is smaller, faster, and better version of DVD.

On the other hand, SSD uses flash memory as similar to USB flash drive. There is no spinning disk, but only flash chip inside SSD. In general, manufacturer produces SSD with similar size to HDD as it needs to fit into HDD plug. However, flash memory inside SSD is very tiny. You can say it is bigger version of USB drive with bigger size and better processing. Therefore, SSD is completely different mechanism from conventional HDD.

1. Processing speed
Which one is faster? SSD is definitely faster than HDD. Study showed than SSD is capable to deliver three to four times faster in term of processing time. It gives better option for new operating system and software to reduce booting time significantly. HDD depends on how fast disk can go. High RMP means faster processing, but not as much as SSD since it uses flash technology.

2. Size and capacity
As it mentioned above, manufacturer can produce SSD with smaller size than HDD. It saves space in motherboard. As the result, laptop becomes thinner and more lightweight. HDD needs space to keep spinning disk at enough position. Even though HDD for laptop is smaller than PC, there is limited size than HDD. For capacity, both have capacity on market. You will find both with capacity 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB.

3. Durability
From mechanism perspective, HDD will have issue for longer utilization. When the reading and writing process is excessive, spinning disk deteriorates slowly until it’s completely broken. SSD still has probability to deteriorate, but it lasts longer twice than HDD. Moreover, HDD produces noise that becomes a signal when it is in lower state.

4. Price
HDD is cheaper than SSD in term of capacity ratio. With the same capacity, you can get four times cheaper for HDD price. Two laptops with the same processor and specs yet in different storage type may have the same price. However, the storage size is completely different. Until now, SSD is still expensive one but there is development to reduce cost production without losing quality and capacity. As similar to USB flash drive, bigger size starts to be cheaper in next few years.

Why SSL is Important

Speaking of freedom and openness, internet is free place for its users. It’s like a whole new world; everyone can be anything and anyone on the internet, including being a criminal. Now, you might think there are no real criminals on internet since all of it is just data and other tidbits. However, that’s exactly what they are looking for right now: personal data. In global market competition, data from internet users can transform into object to be misused. A company that deals with customers might pay good money for some personal data. This is the motivation of online criminals to break into websites and steal personal data. Such crimes are of concern to everyone until finally comes a new security method, called SSL certificate.

Get to Know the SSL Certificate and Its Urgencies

In addition, if you pay attention, since a few years ago, many website domains that were previously only http now turned into https, accompanied by small padlock logo beside it. These changes indicate that the website has an SSL certificate and will be protected from unauthorized control.
SSL itself stands for Secure Socket Layer, where websites that have the certificate will be equipped with a secure channel as a place to distribute data from their users back and forth. This channel is almost impossible to break down. The only way to access it is from its start point or endpoint, so it gives a lot of layer of security to the data that’s being transferred.

In the past, managing an SSL certificate still tends to be expensive and integration into the website was also difficult. But, along with the development of time, and concerns related to security is increasing; now the management and application of SSL certificates are easier and cheaper because many big online companies are finally trying to sponsor it to change the online world to be much safer. Since now SSL certificates are easy and inexpensive, it is time to hook up many website owners to use SSL certificate.

In addition to security, using SSL certificate also attracts a lot of advantages, one of which is free SEO. This makes sense considering that one of the sponsors of SSL certificate is the largest search engine website on internet. If you agree to use SSL certificate security protocol on your website, the search engine will immediately increase your website’s ranking in search engines, more than the sites that do not have an SSL certificate.
Furthermore, the second advantage of having SSL certificate is that you now have an assurance that can be promoted to your website visitors. If you promote it properly, the upgrade may also increase your website traffic because your visitors will definitely choose a safe and trusted website rather than the one that does not have this certificate.

Well, those are some advantages and importance of using SSL certificate. Fortunately, many websites are aware of the importance of security and starting to change the security protocol to be better than before.

The Cloud Computing

Have you ever imagined that there will come a time when people can do basic to intermediate level of computing work out of thin water? Luckily for you, that time is now and it takes a form called cloud computing.

The Positive Side of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing takes its essence from cloud storage, where a file can be stored in an online server and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This type of storage is arguably more reliable and convenient than storage in form of direct or even physical data. In the same principle, people start to come up with cloud computing; you can do simple computing work wherever and whenever you still have adequate internet network. Unlike cloud storage, cloud computing certainly has a higher stake in functional terms. However, it is technical thing that will definitely be resolved along with the times. All you have to focus on is the benefits offered for you.

1. Flexibility
As explained earlier, cloud computing allows you to do the work anywhere and anytime without having to come into direct contact with data. This can also directly improve your performance, because you can avoid some obstacles that may have existed before, such as data redundancy. Today is online age. Everything can be accessed only with an adequate internet connection, and don’t dare question the limitation of internet connectivity. Well currently, internet connection is an abundance that you can find anywhere.

2. Single service method
If you use cloud computing, it means the data you are going to process is already in “cloud” where everyone (only those you allow) has access to that data. Therefore, data disorder can be easily avoided. Data disorder is a state where the data that you are working on can have a different copy held by someone else. Due to differences in the state of management, both data with the same structure can have different contents. By using a single service like in cloud computing, the data will still retain its entire structure until you finish processing it.

3. Lesser cost needed
Speaking of a company that relies heavily on revenue, a cloud computing can be a way to increase revenue while cutting the costs needed. Just imagine if a company still relies on conventional processing methods, they will definitely need a dedicated server to store the data. Well, a dedicated server is certainly not cheap, because of the size and maintenance costs. This certainly will not happen if the company wants to invest in cloud computing, where all data is uploaded to the cloud that’s only a visualization of said server. You will not need maintenance and error-checking fees, but data processing time will be faster, making it easier for your work. In this case, the effectiveness of work will be much better and provide a much greater profit.
Those are some of the advantages of cloud computing. However, above all that, cloud computing offers a more modern perspective that everything can be easier, cheaper and more effective.

The Advantage for Having Remote Backup

Have you ever heard of remote backup? It is an online cloud service provided to store, backup, and recover files. There are various providers offering this kind of service. Some offers it for free with limited options while others charge certain cost for it. You will have many options if you want to have remote backup. Whether you are personal user or business owner, you will find having remote backup beneficial. What are the advantages of having remote backup beyond its basic usage?

The Advantage of Having Remote Backup
You should have remote backup for your server or personal computer system for several reasons that are going to be explained below.

1. Enhanced Security of Your System
Remote backup involves sophisticated encryption to protect your data both in hardware and software levels. It is tough to crack down data that is protected with such intricate system. Furthermore, your data is kept somewhere else so you do not need to worry about having physical data breach from outside threats. Of course, you need to find trusted cloud service provider to do this job perfectly.

2. Ease of Usage
Developing your own storage system needs a lot of maintenance. However, if you are using cloud service, the process is very easy. You need to create access to cloud system from your server beforehand. During this process you can also setup scheduled data backup. It means that your data is going to be sent to cloud according to schedule that had been set up automatically. With just few clicks, your data will be stored in safe space.

3. Greater System Reliability
If you are doing manual backup, there is higher chance for you to forget backing up data one day. In that case, when error to your system happens within that same day, you will experience data loss. It is especially fatal in server designed for business. Cloud remote backup employs automated backup. It means that your backup data is continuously updated to the newest changes made. When you need it, you can easily retrieve important files wherever you are at whenever time.

4. Less Work
Backing up your data manually takes a lot of time and effort. It is especially present in the case of business server. The amount of data that you need to backup is immensely huge. It may take hours to do for one single day data updates. There should be an employee assigned to the task as well. Automated backup feature employed in cloud remote backup is really helping you reducing the amount of work needed to protect your data.

5. Reducing Cost
Do you know that having remote back up also saves you significant amount of money? Cloud backup system allows you not to have big data storage space. You do not need to buy huge data storage unit and worry about the maintenance. If you are a company with high need of data space, this system certainly takes a lot of burden away from your shoulders. Everything is kept save outside your company, you only need to pay the provider for its service.

How to Optimize Your Website Search?

World Wide Web or WWW is a great place to try finding information on various topics. However, at times you fail to obtain the information you need on the internet, it will leave you feeling unsatisfied. You should learn how to optimize the way you search information on website. This article is helping you doing that.

Ways to Optimize Your Website Search

When you look for information, you do not want to come out empty handed. If somehow you fail to obtain information, it might be due to your way of searching it. Here are some ways to optimize your website search.

  1. Type in Specific Terms to Your Subject

If you want to obtain information that is specific to subject at hand, you have to be very specific with terms that you are using. The terms should be unique and it is better if they cannot be found in any other subject. It will help reducing the amount of results which may confuse you during web search.

  1. Narrow Searching with Minus Operator

When you are typing certain keywords on search engine, you often obtain results which are totally unrelated to subject that you are trying to research. In this case you can try using minus operator (-) to limit certain results. As an example, you are searching about monarch queen but gets result about British band. You can type down Queen -band on your bar.

  1. Avoid Using Punctuations and Common Words

Punctuation and common words should be ignored when you are doing website search. You should be straight to the point when researching for certain information. However, these two components are important when you are looking for specific phrase or passage. In that case, you should frame the passage with quotation marks.

  1. Do Truncation to Broaden Your Website Search

If you do not find enough information at specific terms, you should consider truncation. It means using the root of your keyword for searching process. As an example, you have a hard time researching for launderer. Then, you should change the keyword to laundry. However, it is important to add asterisk (*) at the end of word root.

  1. Apply Specific Time Frame

Some information is no longer applied after certain period of time. This issue is particularly prominent in academy community. You can apply specific time frame on the search engine. However, it may not work for information which came from time prior of the internet.

  1. Use Auto Complete

At times, you are looking for information without exactly knowing any hint about it. When you are in this situation, it is better if you utilize auto complete for the search. Type down the general keyword first then look at what the drop down list suggests you. You can simply click on the keyword that suits your case the most.

  1. Utilize Advanced Search Options

Various search engines are having advanced search options. You should utilize it if you want to customize which type of information that you want to obtain.

Linux Vs. Windows A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web Hosting

Linux Vs. Windows A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web Hosting
Linux Vs. Windows A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web Hosting

Linux and Windows are the kind of web hosting options that we can choose. Both of them have their own pros and cons. However, which one is the best? To answer this kind of question, it seems that you need an in depth analysis. Below, we will give an explanation and information to help you out in choosing Linux or windows web hosting.

Linus is an open source and it means that this system is free and can be developed by anyone. Meanwhile, windows is a close source or commercial and it means that on this system we have to buy a license from a company that made it or in this case is Microsoft. Besides that, this system is not developed by the other parties.

Because Linux is developed by a lot of people, there are some kinds of types that we can find on Linux. These diversities are called Distro. Below are some differences between Linux and Windows that we will share based on some aspects that we can see.

  1. Differences based on the display

The appearance or display of linux is actually not too far from Windows, but many people said that the appearance of linux is monotone. Meanwhile, the display or appearance of windows is more varieties. We can even change this display based on our likes and desire.

  1. Differences based on the durability

For the security aspect, linux is well known as its durability to against virus, but it did not mean that Linux will be free from Virus. However, that virus is cannot be developed like what we will see on Windows. Different with Linux, windows have more possibilities to be infected by virus. Virus on windows are easier to develop because of the main characteristic of windows is close or commercial. Besides that, windows is also having more possibilities to be hacked by hacker.

  1. Differences based on pricing

If we looked from the price, linux is much more affordable than windows. It is because the open source characteristic that is owned by Linux. The cost that you need to spend is just for the internet access that is used for downloading that OS Linux. Meanwhile, the price of windows is more expensive. However, how windows is more popular in the market? it is because the needs and user friendly characteristic that we can find on Windows. Windows is usually used by students or employees to make a report. It is because has more familiar appearance and display for the students and employees. Besides that, windows is also having an easy interface that make the operation system at Windows is much easier.

Those are some differences between Windows and Linux. We hope that from this information an d knowing these differences, you will be able to understand more your Linux Or Windows and you will be able to choose the best one.

How to Choose Most Suitable Web Hosting for Your Needs?

How to Choose Most Suitable Web Hosting for Your Needs
How to Choose Most Suitable Web Hosting for Your Needs

The needs of web hosting are different for a client and the other based on the needs. That is why; users have to choose the most suitable web hosting provider or company based on their needs. It is an essential factor, so that they can run their website really well. However, choosing the most suitable web hosting company is maybe not an easy thing. To be able to choose the best one, it is for sure that you have to understand about your need first. Below, we will share some tips in choosing the most suitable web hosting based on your needs.

  1. Shared Hosting, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting

The first thing that you have to know is about the type of web hosting. Actually, there are four kinds of web hosting types; shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS and Cloud Hosting. We have already explained about some of these web hosting types, so you can read it again if you wanted it. After that, you can choose one of the best that suite with your needs. if you were still confuse to choose, it is better for using the shared hosting first. It is because you can upgrade your account hosting at anytime you need it.

  1. Know how much bandwidth and storage data that is needed

Bandwidth describes the size of data that can be sent from a web hosting server to the website visitors’ computer. If you wanted to know how much bandwidth that is needed, you can multiple the amounts of visits or page views every month with the average pages of a website.

  1. Disk Spaces or Storage

Disk space is how much capacity of storage data that you owned on your server for saving file or website data. As an example, if a disk space that was given is 500 MB, so you can save a website data on a hosting with maximum amount of 500 MB. You maybe ever seen that there are some web hosting companies or providers that offer the unlimited storage or etc. Once again, it is better for you to not believe and use this provider.

  1. Understand the Framework, Performance and Reliability

First, you have to understand about uptime. What is the meaning of uptime? Uptime is the range of time for a hosting server that can give some services for the users. The uptime value is usually measured with percentage. Uptime is usually used as a base in knowing how good is the services of a hosting to keep their system in order to work normally. As higher as uptime percentage value, as better as a quality of a hosting will be.

Apart from that there are also framework of PHP, Asp.net , Python ,Django, some offer cheap asp.net hosting and cheap php hosting option.

Those are some factors that you can use and you should know in order to choose the best web hosting for your website.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows Web Hosting Company

The Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows Web Hosting Company
The Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows Web Hosting Company

There are so many alternative in the internet that will make us more confuse to choose the best windows web hosting. At this time, we will give you some factors that you have to consider in order to choose the best windows web hosting company.

  1. The Needs of Bandwidth and Space

There will be a lot of files such as text, images, videos or audios that you will keep on a server hosting. This fact will make you to choose a windows web hosting company that gives enough hardisk storage. Besides that, the amount of visitors who visit your website can be a consideration for you to choose a company that gives some bandwidth capacity. If the visitors on your website are massive, you have to choose a company that provides big and enough bandwidth. However, one thing that you have to remember is that to never choose the company that offers the unlimited bandwidth, because there is no unlimited service.

  1. Services and Facilities

It is for sure that each of the windows web hosting companies gives the different services and facilities between one and each other. Usually, you will get almost the same services between one company and the other. Commonly the thing that will differ one and the other company is the software that is used. One of the examples is Fantastico Delux or Softaculous that will be useful for installing some CMS like drupal, Joomla, WordPress and many others. The difference is also can be seed from the service aspect. It is better for choosing a windows web hosting company that offers a full support, so that it can help you at anytime you need t a help.

  1.  Usages Allowance

What we mean here is that a windows web hosting company must have a modern and the latest technology of the server. All these new systems and the quick speed access are the important factors to give an easy usage for the users. This is an important factor to be considered because in fact nowadays there are many web hosting owners or windows web hosting companies are still don’t know about the usage technique.

  1. Technical Support

When we talked about web hosting, and on this case is windows web hosting, technical problem can be happened at anytime. In the other words we can say that there is no any web hosting companies that are never experience the technical problems such as the hardware failure, system failures and the other problems. That is why; windows web hosting company that has 24 hours technical support is the best option for you. You have to look for the responsive web hosting company that will help you to solve any technical problems that may occur. This is maybe one of the most important factors that you need before choosing a windows web hosting company. You can know about the technical support system of a windows web hosting company from many sources such as references of any related forums, recommendation from your friends and many more.