5 Ways to Diagnose a Broken Website

When surfing on the internet, sometimes you get annoyed by website that does not load properly. Well, such case is called broken website. It cannot be opened and thus preventing you to see the content. If you encounter a broken website while browsing on the internet, do not immediately blame the website. There are many things that prevent it from loading properly. To end the confusion, try five ways to diagnose a broken website below and you will find out what’s wrong with it.

The Tests to Figure out Problems with a Broken Website

As mentioned above, if encountering a broken website, you cannot conclude that it’s the fault of the website. There are many things that can cause it to break down. These tests down below are going to find out the problem with the particular website.

1. Internet Connection Test
Well, you are browsing on internet using internet connection, right? This is the only way to access the internet, including opening the website. If the website suddenly refuses to open, it may be caused by interruption on the connection. Check your Wi-Fi connection or your modem. Make sure they are working properly.

2. Another Browser Test
Try to browse the website with another browser. Sometimes, a website can have conflict with particular browser, preventing them to be loaded by certain browser, but they can be loaded by another browser.

3. “Everyone or Just Me” Test
On the internet, there is one website called “Everyone of Just Me”. You can use this particular website to see what’s going on with the broken website. Basically, all you need to do is just entering the URL of the problematic website you wish to open. It will analyze the problem. If it says “It’s not just you”, it means the website is having technical problem, preventing everyone to access it. It has nothing to do with you and there’s nothing you can do about it. On the contrary, if it says “It’s just you”, you need to check your internet connection or browser.

4. Blocked Site Test
Probably the website cannot be loaded because you’ve blocked it. Go to the control panel on computer and find “internet option”. There, you will find security tab. Click it then click “restricted sites”. If the website you wish to open is listed there, remove it from the list.

5. Another Gadget Test
Try to load the website using other gadgets, such as your phone or tablet. If it is down, the website will not load even though you use another gadget to do it. However, if it does load, the problem is probably on your PC or internet connection.

It is now clear that there are many aspects to cause a website to break down. This is why you should really think clearly and be patient when encountering this issue. The failure might have nothing to do with the website. Do all those five tests above to figure out the problem when a website you wish to open suddenly break down.