How to Optimize Your Website Search?

World Wide Web or WWW is a great place to try finding information on various topics. However, at times you fail to obtain the information you need on the internet, it will leave you feeling unsatisfied. You should learn how to optimize the way you search information on website. This article is helping you doing that.

Ways to Optimize Your Website Search

When you look for information, you do not want to come out empty handed. If somehow you fail to obtain information, it might be due to your way of searching it. Here are some ways to optimize your website search.

  1. Type in Specific Terms to Your Subject

If you want to obtain information that is specific to subject at hand, you have to be very specific with terms that you are using. The terms should be unique and it is better if they cannot be found in any other subject. It will help reducing the amount of results which may confuse you during web search.

  1. Narrow Searching with Minus Operator

When you are typing certain keywords on search engine, you often obtain results which are totally unrelated to subject that you are trying to research. In this case you can try using minus operator (-) to limit certain results. As an example, you are searching about monarch queen but gets result about British band. You can type down Queen -band on your bar.

  1. Avoid Using Punctuations and Common Words

Punctuation and common words should be ignored when you are doing website search. You should be straight to the point when researching for certain information. However, these two components are important when you are looking for specific phrase or passage. In that case, you should frame the passage with quotation marks.

  1. Do Truncation to Broaden Your Website Search

If you do not find enough information at specific terms, you should consider truncation. It means using the root of your keyword for searching process. As an example, you have a hard time researching for launderer. Then, you should change the keyword to laundry. However, it is important to add asterisk (*) at the end of word root.

  1. Apply Specific Time Frame

Some information is no longer applied after certain period of time. This issue is particularly prominent in academy community. You can apply specific time frame on the search engine. However, it may not work for information which came from time prior of the internet.

  1. Use Auto Complete

At times, you are looking for information without exactly knowing any hint about it. When you are in this situation, it is better if you utilize auto complete for the search. Type down the general keyword first then look at what the drop down list suggests you. You can simply click on the keyword that suits your case the most.

  1. Utilize Advanced Search Options

Various search engines are having advanced search options. You should utilize it if you want to customize which type of information that you want to obtain.