Common Website Issues

Besides the visual—interface design, the used color and typography is one of the significant factors for running a website. So, when your website has some breakdowns, those problems may devalue your brand in the eye of visitors. The more problems mean the greater risk of losing mobility which can lead to greater risk of losing your precious customers. Here are some common website issues and what to do when you unluckily encounter them.

Common Website Issues that Might Happen

1. Sluggishly-loaded sites
If you are using a shared account to host websites, the server can be slow. It happens because the server is being shared with thousands different websites. Please make sure your website is in the hand of professional server. If it is taking a long time to load, check its speed using some page speed tools. This tool will analyze your website content which causes the pages to slow down. This page speed tool will give you some good advices to fasten your website’s speed.

2. Broken links
Basically, websites are arranged by group of links, so when this function breaks down, the overall website’s quality will be affected. This problem can create frustration for users or visitors. It leads to the frustration for the search engine, too.
It makes the search engine thinks that you don’t have any intention to renew your contents. The error pages will also reflects the low quality of your website. To fix this, monitor your site frequently to remove any broken links. Nowadays, there are some online free tools provided for this kind of problem.

3. Revealed email address
Some businesses choose to display their email address on their site. But, revealing the address might leads to some spamming activities. If you have some concerns about this, ask your developer to support your website with some encryption technology.

4. Non-particular Page Titles
This is related to the title tag that’s used as important element for all websites. This title usually summarizes the content almost entirely to every search engine. The problem of this title tag is when some websites can’t “understand” it. It will look the same throughout the sites; even some websites appeared as filler texts like lorem ipsum in the search engine. Those search engines makes the website loses the traffic when they duplicate title tags, making them the non-particular ones. To fix this problem, do a name search with “” and head to a search console which available online. This tool will give information about several HTML errors like missing descriptions, missing title tags, or duplicate meta description.

5. Unuseful Copy of The Homepages
This problem occurs when you have more than one version of homepage created by the server. This two versions are and the As a consequence, the search engine will assume this phenomenon as duplicated content then give particular website de-index process as punishment. To avoid this, you have to change the .htaccess and put additional code to the server. Be careful because any mistake in editing process will cause a 500 internal server error.