Does Location of Web Server Matter in SEO?

Websites have played important roles nowadays. These are not just media to provide information, news, and knowledge. Now, there have been more functions and even business need them. In this case, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes one of the things to do in order to boost effectiveness and functions of websites. Simply, it can be understood that SEO is needed to get better rankings in search engine. Of course, there can be many factors that affect the ranking, and some people think that location of server has contribution.

Information about Location of Server and Its Impact in SEO

It is true that many people argue and think that location of server can give impact on SEO and ranking of certain website. Well, the rank can determine success of websites, and even it can also determine profits of companies that use the sites. That’s why it is very important to see the impact of server location toward ranking in SEO.

Simply, yes, the location matters in SEO, although it may not be direct impact. One of the reasons is about distance. Although now connection of internet has become so fast and there is fiber optic as technology to boost transfer speed, location still plays important role. When there is comparison between two servers with the same speed and different location, the closer location of server can provide better speed in transferring the data.

In this case, transfer speed has important effect since it is related to user experience and this point becomes one of considerations of ranking in SEO. When the website can show its content quickly, of course users will be satisfied. Moreover, there is also fact that people start to leave certain websites that take more than 3 seconds for loading the content. That’s why it is necessary for developers to get great servers with good speeds in order to get better user experiences, so they can have better ranking.

Based on the explanation, it is quite clear that location matters in SEO. Even though it is not directly matters, location still can affect the loading speed. This is the point considered by search engines to determine performance and ranking. Of course, one of the solutions is to find closest location of server in order to make transfer speed higher. It is also necessary to make comparison, not only about location and distance, but also about its speed.

Then, the other important thing is about setting the location. It is quite common that developers set target of website users because some websites have different markets and target of users. In this case, it is important to have special server in those targeted location.

Related to the location, choosing local server is not only to get better speed and better rank in SEO. It can also be good way to get better access of payment since there will be the same currency. Although there can be many servers from foreign country, it is still better to find local servers when they have the same speed.