How SEO Work

As we know, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is now one of the most important parts of successful website. Basically, SEO shapes the website in certain way, causing the search engine bots (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on) to rank it highly. As the result, the website will appear on page one, thus attracting more visitors. However, if you are still unfamiliar with SEO especially how it works, below you will find brief information related to it. Hopefully, by being familiar with the way SEO works, you will be able to make your website more SEO friendly and increase the traffic.

Simple Way to Understand How SEO Works

Even though every search engine is always improving its features and refining the way it ranks the websites, basically SEO works by determining two elements. If the elements are successfully fulfilled by a website, it will certainly appear on the first page. Here are those two elements.

1. Onsite
Onsite here means the inside of website. It is including website’s infrastructure and the content. To improve the onsite of website, there are many things you can do. However, the most important thing here is probably keyword. Since search engine relies heavily on keyword to determine the ranking of websites on the internet, you need to make sure that the contents use the right keyword.

Moreover, use keyword clusters that people often sought on the internet and make sure your contents use the keyword properly, so it does not look like awkward contents full of spam. You also need to research the keyword clusters that you target to use every now and then. It is because new keywords appear every day. After you get the keywords, create new content to target those keywords.

2. Offsite
The offsite aspect of a website is basically the way your website is referred to from other sources on the internet. To make sure that your website has great offsite score, there are several things you can do, including building citations about your website. You can also create social media pages and actively use it to build great reputation about your website. The more your website being mentioned by others, it will be more relatable and the search engine surely puts it on the first page.

This offsite aspect is a little bit more important compared to the onsite elements. This is like building a connection to promote your website. Almost half of your SEO outcomes are the results of this offsite aspect. This is why the offsite aspect of your website should never be taken for granted.

In conclusion, when you are more familiar to SEO, you will surely be able to enhance your website. The content you make can be made friendlier and thus it will appear on the first page of every search engine on the internet. That way, it brings more profit eventually because people will more likely to visit your site. Hopefully, this information can help you in maintaining your websites.