Linux Vs. Windows A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web Hosting

Linux Vs. Windows A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web Hosting
Linux Vs. Windows A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web Hosting

Linux and Windows are the kind of web hosting options that we can choose. Both of them have their own pros and cons. However, which one is the best? To answer this kind of question, it seems that you need an in depth analysis. Below, we will give an explanation and information to help you out in choosing Linux or windows web hosting.

Linus is an open source and it means that this system is free and can be developed by anyone. Meanwhile, windows is a close source or commercial and it means that on this system we have to buy a license from a company that made it or in this case is Microsoft. Besides that, this system is not developed by the other parties.

Because Linux is developed by a lot of people, there are some kinds of types that we can find on Linux. These diversities are called Distro. Below are some differences between Linux and Windows that we will share based on some aspects that we can see.

  1. Differences based on the display

The appearance or display of linux is actually not too far from Windows, but many people said that the appearance of linux is monotone. Meanwhile, the display or appearance of windows is more varieties. We can even change this display based on our likes and desire.

  1. Differences based on the durability

For the security aspect, linux is well known as its durability to against virus, but it did not mean that Linux will be free from Virus. However, that virus is cannot be developed like what we will see on Windows. Different with Linux, windows have more possibilities to be infected by virus. Virus on windows are easier to develop because of the main characteristic of windows is close or commercial. Besides that, windows is also having more possibilities to be hacked by hacker.

  1. Differences based on pricing

If we looked from the price, linux is much more affordable than windows. It is because the open source characteristic that is owned by Linux. The cost that you need to spend is just for the internet access that is used for downloading that OS Linux. Meanwhile, the price of windows is more expensive. However, how windows is more popular in the market? it is because the needs and user friendly characteristic that we can find on Windows. Windows is usually used by students or employees to make a report. It is because has more familiar appearance and display for the students and employees. Besides that, windows is also having an easy interface that make the operation system at Windows is much easier.

Those are some differences between Windows and Linux. We hope that from this information an d knowing these differences, you will be able to understand more your Linux Or Windows and you will be able to choose the best one.