Benefits on Using VPS Hosting for Your Website

Benefits on Using VPS Hosting for Your Website
Benefits on Using VPS Hosting for Your Website

VPS or the Virtual Private Server is also called the VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server and it is also called with Virtual server. What is this? This is server side technology that wills possibly a machine with massive capacity will be separated into some virtual machines. Each of these virtual machines will give some services just like a dedicated server with certain limitations. On this article we will talk more about VPS server and some benefits that we can get by using this kind of web hosting.

VPS Server will give service and resource like a dedicated server but with cheaper price than dedicated server. In the other words we can say that this technology is like a connector bridge for some companies or personal who want some dedicated server facilities but with more affordable price. So, are there any other benefits that we can get by using VPS Hosting except that cheaper price? The answer is yes. Below are some of those benefits.

  1. Providing Web Hosting

VPS is really popular to be used for providing the web hosting. This service is perfect for middle level and corporate website where an application is needed the specific configuration and it can only be done by super user. This usage is also perfect for starting web hosting business with the limited budget but needs the great service quality.

  1. VPS can be used as Application Hosting

VPS is possible to be used as an application hosting without having to pay a lot of budget just like when you wanted to buy a dedicated server or a collocation server. Besides that, users are also possible to do the outsource development application which had been becoming a trend for saving more money or budgets so the users’ investment will me much more efficient.

  1. VPS can give some educational outpost

For personal or companies that want to learn or experience many kinds of operating systems, VPS Server can give the right environment as a remote server. In the other words we can say that the learning and experiments process can be easily done by using VPS Hosting.

  1. Great Backup Server

The other benefit that you can get by using VPS is about the backup server. The need of backup server to guarantee a service run normally is an essential factor. This backup server includes some features such as mail, websites, files and database. All of these services are on the physical and logical condition that is separated so it will reduce any damages or the other data loose.

  1. Test Environments or Development

The development of software or online application can be done with VPS Server as a reliable test environment. Besides that a reliable VPS can be used to do some arrange of development testing that is efficient enough.

Those are some benefits that you can get if you were using a VPS web hosting for your website. You can choose this VPS if it was suited with your needs.

VPS Hosting Versus Dedicated Server Hosting

VPS Hosting Versus Dedicated Server Hosting
VPS Hosting Versus Dedicated Server Hosting

Based on the performance, hosting can be divided into some different types. Each of these hosting can be chosen based on the needs of the users. Usually for the starters, they will prefer choose shared hosting than the other hosting types. Besides the Shared Hosting there are still many others hosting types that you can choose such as the VPS or Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server Hosting. Now the question is that, which one is better between these two? Below is further explanation that we will share.

VPS is actually a form of shared hosting, but it is said that it has better performance than the shared hosting. It is because on VPS client is given bigger resources. On VPS, users are also being able to get the virtualization system. This system will allow them to have their own operation system for the web hosting service that we use. Besides that, using VPS will also possibly its users for installing any added software based on their needs. Virtualization that the users can get from a VPS is also a lot in number. Some virtualization software on VPS that are popular enough is such as the XEN, Open VZ, kvm and Parallel Virtuozo. Most of the features on VPS can be entered into shared and dedicated server as the cheapest option. Besides that the management and treatment of VPS can be given to the provider, so users will not be confused to manage their server.

Next, we will talk about dedicated server hosting as the other option that you can choose. Dedicated server is also known as suite hosting and this is a non shared hosting type. Dedicated server is a great choice for you that want a quality and comfort in using a web hosting. It is because on dedicated server the CPU and RAM resources are not shared with the other users. In the other words we can say that the dedicated server users will get much better performance than the other users who use the shared hosting or VPS Hosting. However, the price or cost to rent or using a dedicated server is expensive, but it suite with the quality that you will get. Based on this reason (expensive price), dedicated server is usually only used by big websites or blogs with high traffic.

For the conclusion, we can say that there are three kinds of web hosting that we can find nowadays; they are the VPS, Shared Hosting and Cheap Dedicated Server hosting. From these three kinds of hosting, VPS is the middle point between shared and dedicated server hosting. By using VPS, users can be able to use server that is similar with dedicated server with the cheap price almost like the shared hosting. Meanwhile, dedicated server is the best hosting that you can use. However, dedicated server is costly or in the other words we can say that this hosting is expensive. That is why; dedicated server is usually only used by the big companies, big websites or blogs that have really high traffic.